What is the Roundhouse Rapid Response Network?

Our IT Team created the Statewide Roundhouse Rapid Response Network to make it easier for those who work or live too distant from Santa Fe to have an effective impact on advancing good legislation in the Roundhouse. Retake Our Democracy advocates will sit in committee hearings and send Action Alerts to anyone signed up on our Response Network.

Since committee hearings are where good bills die, we will target the alerts to those Network members whose representatives will be sitting on a committee that is considering one of our priority or MUST PASS bills. Each alert will include the Bill Number, Title, Sponsor, a three-sentence summary about why it is important, and speaking/writing points and contact information for your legislator. In two or three minutes, from your couch, you will be able to tell your legislator how you feel at precisely the most important moment: when a bill is going to be considered in committee. While your representative may not care about 30 Santa Feans sitting in the hearing, she will care about 30 of her constituents emailing her about bills.

Retake advocates will be sitting in every committee hearing whenever one of our bills is being considered. We will see if your legislator leaves the room when a vote is being taken, or if by voice vote, she or he votes to table the bill. These are the subtle ways that bills die and these votes are not recorded. But we will be there and will report to you on how your representative behaved during the hearing. Since we are Santa Fe-based, we can be your eyes and ears, but you must provide your voice.

Sign up for the Rapid Response Network and you will be on your way to being a part of the team that will ensure that good bills become good laws, that our planet is better protected, that our most vulnerable New Mexicans are supported, and that justice advances. We’ve waited a very long time for the 2019 session and while we got a good deal done, but we left so much on the table.  In 2020, we need get more good bills passed into law. Let’s do this.

Get started by clicking here to sign up.

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