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    Welcome to the Roundhouse Rapid Response Network!

    In 2019, we had a Democratic Governor and a strongly Democratic Roundhouse. While much was accomplished, much was left undone, most painfully the legislature failed to protect a woman's right to choose, our immigrant neighbors, and our planet. We have much more left to do and Retake Our Democracy has a plan to do it.

    As a member of the Rapid Response Network you will receive weekly updates on what is going on throughout the state: actions to support our asylum seekers, hearings before commissions charged with protecting our environment, and notices about important actions at the Public Regulation Commission. During the legislative session you will receive action alerts about important progressive legislation making its way through the New Mexico Roundhouse, along with easy and fast suggestions for contacting your legislators whenever they are going to vote on one of these bills. We have heard from hundreds of New Mexicans just how helpful these alerts were and how many New Mexicans were more involved than ever in the legislative process.

    Please make sure your information below is accurate so that we can make sure you receive alerts about local issues that affect you:

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