Scheduled hearings

Once hearings begin Committee Schedules can be found at the What's Happening link at Generally, each weekday between 5pm-6pm, the schedule for the next 2-3 days is published at this site. For information scheduled hearings, see the What's happening? page at  Retake Our Democracy volunteers track What's Happening carefully and use it to trigger Action Alerts for any of our MUST PASS bills.

Note, however, that during the session hearings are often rescheduled on short notice. We will do our best to keep you current, but know that a hearing can be announced or postponed at a moment's notice. What's more, each hearing may have anywhere from 3-4 to 8-10 bills to consider. It is often the case that some of the bills scheduled for hearing will be pushed back to the next committee hearing. Part of your advocacy will be to help committee chairs understand that on our MUST PASS bills there are constituents statewide paying attention and delays will be very visible. 

Members of the Network will generally get Action Alerts, 1-3 days before one of our MP bills goes to a committee where the member has a representative as a member of that committee. Members will also get alerts when one of our MP bills goes to the House or Senate floor for a full chamber vote.

When receiving an Action Alert, we ask Network members to call and email their representatives using the information contained in the Alert to craft their own personal message. Please do not just copy and paste.  Use our information to provide the basis of your comments, but put them in your own words.  We ask that you make the call first and then send an email, as we are told that calls are more impactful.  When calling or emailing it is important to identify the bill by Bill # and Title (included in the Alerts) and to indicate that you are a constituent in the District and offer your address or neighborhood to validate that claim.

We are meticulously compiling all the votes on all our bills in all committees and on the chamber floors. We will use those votes to publish a Justice Report Card that breaks down those votes by economic, climate, social, racial and gender justice categories and with an overall Justice Rating for each legislator.

This is how we Retake Our Democracy.

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