SB 114 Community Energy Efficiency Development Grant

Why NM Legislators Should Vote for SB 114


SB 114 Community Energy Efficiency Development Grant


Summary:  Sponsored by Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino and Rep. Andrea Romero, SB 114 appropriates $6M to establish a permanent Community Energy Efficiency Development (CEED) block grant fund (carried over year to year), and gives the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNR) the authority to administer and distribute block grants to local governmental and tribal agencies for projects that improve energy efficiency in low-income homes.


Why This Bill is Good For New Mexico

  • This bill provides funding to improve energy efficiency for low-income residents of New Mexico who do not have the resources to pay for such improvements.  

  • It makes such improvements available regardless of whether residents own the property.

  • It encourages service providers to hire apprentices from a program that promotes diversity, or to hire interns from the target communities.

  • It supplements federal money, which is never sufficient.

  • Improving energy efficiency will contribute to lowering NM’s carbon footprint, as we move toward 100% renewable energy.

  • The U.S. Department of Energy reports that low-income households have 3 times the energy burden (portion of income spent on energy costs) of other households. Of 2.1 million New Mexico residents, 20% live in poverty, many in rural, low-income and minority communities across the state. SB 114 would increase capacity of local jurisdictions to help increase energy efficiency and reduce costs in these homes.

  • New Mexico is behind other states when it comes to making sure that low-income households don’t waste funds on excessive energy bills. The CEED Block Grant will be an important step forward, complementing existing Mortgage Finance Administration and utility energy-efficiency programs to reach more New Mexico households, and authorizing a broader range of programs directed by local governments in partnership with local stakeholders. 

  • Sierra Club estimates that to reach all low-income families in New Mexico, more than $500 million is needed. That’s why it’s vital that we implement this new program, fully fund other low-income energy-efficiency programs (such as MFA’s Energy$mart), and increase utility low-income energy efficiency programs. 

Supporting Organizations

Rio Grande Chapter of Sierra Club
Conservation Voters New Mexico

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