2019 Legislative Report Card

The 2019 Legislative Report Card has just been published. It identifies what was done, what was not, and why. And it names those who heroically advanced justice in NM and those who impeded it. Click to continue reading.  

Dear Fellow Activists,

We’re happy and relieved to tell you that our 2019 New Mexico Legislative Report Card is ready! We hope that you’ll  read it, share it, and feel inspired to write letters to the editor, to call your legislators (to thank them or give them hell, depending on who they are!), and to invite others you know to join Retake’s growing statewide network.

We are grateful to volunteers like you, advocates near and far, whose input throughout this year’s Legislative Session helped us gain a greater understanding of the process and motivated us to pursue everything we learned that went into this Report Card. We hope you find it interesting and helpful to your advocacy efforts. If you are part of a local activism group or community organization, please consider sending a link to the Report Card to members of your group and suggest a discussion session after everyone has read it. We think it will give you a pretty clear picture of the work that lies ahead!

Go to the Report Card here. At the same page, you’ll find the Press Release that went to about 100 news outlets across the state this morning. Volunteers have crafted a few sample letters to the editor that you can use to put in your own words and send to your local newspaper. Even better, read the report and write your own brilliant letter! You will find the sample letters and contact info for newspapers in 10 New Mexico communities here.

As we wrote in the introduction, this Report Card is just one example of what can be done by a community of determined and dedicated volunteers who believe they can make a difference and want to share what they learn to inspire others to take action and work together to retake our democracy. Please let us know what you think. We’ll be back in touch again soon.

In solidarity,

Roxanne and Paul




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