Retake Action Teams

Retake Our Democracy is forming action teams that will focus on specific strategies that can be undertaken by volunteers to support the strategies above and to advance our overarching goal of building statewide power to effectively advocate for social, racial, economic, and climate justice. Below are brief descriptions of the four action teams operating within Retake. We are working on developing a Team page for each team and hope to have those pages developed soon.


The Media and Marketing Team will develop and manage a statewide media contact list that includes radio, television, political blogs, and print media. The team will also develop a ‘toolkit’ for Retake volunteers to use to more easily and effectively mount local media campaigns. Media efforts will be used to advance grassroots media campaigns to educate communities on specific priority issues, on specific candidates, and on specific legislation. It would also serve to expand recognition of Retake and encourage people to explore our blog and sign up for our alert system. Initially marketing priorities include:

  • Updating existing media list
  • Media campaign announcing the release of the Report Card, including securing radio and television interviews and blog posts from prominent political bloggers (Pat Monahan, NM Political Report, etc.), as well as traditional print media
  • Campaigns focused in the Senate Districts that are represented by the eight Democratic Senators who voted against HB 51, Abortion Decriminalization.
  • Other issue related campaigns designed to build an ongoing presence of Retake Our Democracy in letters to the editor and op-eds

If you are interested in working with the Media and Marketing Team, please contact Joyce Bogosian or Susan McGrew,  the Team coordinators to find out more.


Over the next year, Retake leadership will visit communities across the state to learn more about their local issues, to meet with grassroots advocates, and to share our strategies. We hope these meetings will strengthen our statewide Network and help us find ways to better
support local efforts in communities throughout the state. We will continue to use our Response Network to organize volunteers to participate in Interim Legislative Hearings, to organize local Town Halls, and to share information about election strategy. Unifying all these strategies is an ongoing effort to build power among people and communities that have been historically underrepresented so that we can more effectively advocate for change and promote justice and equity in our state.

The Outreach and Organizing Team will work with Retake leadership to build a data base platform to house information about CD Districts, counties, cities, and House and Senate Districts. They will begin work with outreach to the eight Senate Districts, but will quickly move on to other prioritized cities, counties and districts. Outreach efforts would begin with calls to individuals subscribed to the Action Alerts with the goal of
ascertaining who from our list is interested in:

  • Helping us organize in those communities by contacting others on our behalf and encouraging others to participate in our work;
  • Helping to organize a Community Meeting with Retake leadership attending to present informationabout our work and, more importantly, to hear from them about their unique political, social, economic, and environmental challenges.
  • Informing us about the various organizations in the community that have a history of advocacy (labor, Indivisible, faith-based, Democratic Party, etc.) and helping connect us with leadership in those organizations;
  • Helping us compile local media contacts (and sharing this with the M&M Team above).
  • Identifying community influencers whether they be progressive or conservative. Here we could be talking about Mayors or City Councilors, or just community leaders who people trust as a source of information on local and state issues.

Outreach could also include outreach strategies here in Santa Fe and in other larger population centers where
Retake has a base. The intent here would be to expand our base, including people who might work on one of
our Action Teams. Here the Outreach Team could organize canvassing efforts, schedules of volunteers
distributing flyers at Farmer’s Market, Bandstand, the Lensic and other venues/events that draw significant

For more information about the Outreach and organizing Team contact the coordinator, Sandy Forquer at


This team will expand upon the work it had done during the Roundhouse session, researching issues that are high priorities: issues pending with the PRC and other regulatory bodies, studying model legislation that are aligned with MUST PASS and Priority bills that we will want to resurrect in future sessions, and conducting research on Senate and House districts and district elected officials that are priorities, (e.g. the eight Senate Districts referenced above). As we begin to get closer to a new session, the team would then work with our allies to identify priority bills and develop the kind of 1-2 page briefs (or one-pagers) developed in 2019. While we still have to work out the details, we have been thinking that the role of liaison with organizations sponsoring bills we support would best be managed by the researchers, as they need to communicate with ally contacts on the bills they are advancing and this would create a single point of contact for our allies.

If you are interested in working with the Research Team, please contact Katie Bruell the Team Coordinator at:


This has just been formed. At its first meeting 30 people sat in a circle with each identifying their personal priority area for climate and environmental advocacy. Remarkably there were 30 different issues identified with no real overlap. So, the Retake leadership has developed a suggestion we’d like the CAT to consider so that there is a bit more focus to the work. We already advocated extensively on climate issues in the 2019 legislative session with more energy and environment bills on our MP list than any other issue area, by far. We would be able to extend that advocacy by the CAT being the primary team leading our new strategy focused on regulatory bodies and state agencies with responsibilities over land, water, air, and natural resources. The initial priorities would be to first brainstorm a complete list of regulatory bodies with oversight over the issues described above, contacting them to assemble contact info for commissioners or agency directors and managers, to develop an understanding of the scope of issues over which they have jurisdiction, the schedule of meetings and where to obtain that info and the more immediate issues over which each body would be weighing in over the next months. The CAT members would work with the
Research Team to ask them to research solutions and alternatives wherever a commission was about to decide on an issue and then work with Media to focus a campaign and with Paul to do a blog and Response Network Alerts. The CAT could also decide if leading the Retake charge on the Green New Deal or the planned General Strike on Sept 20 would be good activities for the team.

For more information about the Climate Action Team, please contact the coordinator Sharon Shoemaker at