Roundhouse Advocacy Resources

We are just beginning to develop these resources, but what we have assembled to date will provide an orientation to how the Roundhouse works and how you can have an impact. We will be adding resources as we continue our planning and as we prepare for the first day of the 2019 Legislative Session, January 16. 

  • How the Roundhouse Works, Step-by-Step. A detailed description of how bills are written and introduced, how they pass through from committee to committee to the floor and where and how good bills die and what you can do to prevent that. This was produced by Clifford Rees, a 13-year veteran as a Roundhouse Legislative Analyst.
  • Retake Our Democracy’s 2018-19 Election and Legislative Strategy.  This document will give you a more detailed view of how Retake organized an integrated election and legislative strategy with the Election Strategy designed to strengthen the NM House and move it left and the Legislative Strategy designed to ensure we get good bills passed and signed in 2019.
  • Retake Our Democracy’s Roundhouse Advocacy Strategy for the 2019 Legislative Strategy.  This document goes into more detail about our strategy, what we hope to achieve and the roles you can play. This link takes you a page listed under the Actions and Events menu of the Retake Our Democracy blogsite and will be updated each week. 
  • Retake Our Democracy’s 2019 Legislative Priorities. This list of 29 good bills that died in 2018 was developed over a 12-month period by our Roundhouse Advocacy Team. They didn’t just pick the bills they supported, but identified the bills through months of dialog with both legislators and our non-profit advocacy partners, e.g. Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, Common Cause, NM Voices for Children, etc. The summary will give you an idea of what our 2019 Bill Summaries will look like as bills are introduced. The document also includes a link to our Speak Up NM Survey asking respondents to weigh in on these 29 bills.
  • How to Understand Bills & Write Bill Summaries This tool was designed for volunteers who plan to help us screen, research and analyze the 2-5000 bills that will be introduced over the next two months. But it will also provide anyone with a guide for how to access information on bills and to use that information to inform the development of your own views.
  • Our MUST PASS and Priority Bills. This is the final list of MUST PASS and Priority Bills for 2018-19 with a description of how each bill fared in the session.
  • Rapid Response Network Roles and Responsibilities. This summary will give you a good idea of all the ways you can get in the legislative game, from coming to the Roundhouse and offering comment in support of bills in committee hearings, to clicking from your couch using our Action Alerts to tell your elective representative that you support a specific bill and why. For those in and around Santa Fe, there are critical roles you can play right now as we need to do a ton of outreach to engage advocates throughout the state. To keep current on Santa Fe-based training, planning and organizing meetings, it is a good idea to subscribe to our blog. You can subscribe by clicking the subscribe button on the right side of the home page.


We will be adding more video over the next few weeks, but most immediately we will be adding a video giving click by click instructions on how to use the NM Roundhouse website, a site that is difficult to understand initially but holds a wealth of invaluable information.

Clifford Rees on Effective Roundhouse Advocacy

Clifford Rees on Effective Communication with Legislators and Staff.

Clifford Rees on Interim Hearings:  36 minutes

Power Point on Interim Hearings:  9 minutes and very well done by Andy Fertal.

Interim Hearing Observation Tool. This tool should be used when attending an Interim Hearing. It also provides brief description of what to be looking for and what kinds of notes to record. 

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