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Feb. 5 Roundhouse Roundup

Today's Roundhouse Roundup provides details on SB 459, a proposed four-year statewide fracking moratorium introduced Monday by Sen. Sedillo Lopez. We also report on how Retake is using its one-page bill summaries to counter misinformation being used by lobbyists and the GOP to oppose our bills. We have now finalized our MUST PASS bill list, at least  for now. We  also report on how Public Regulation Commission just may have put a halt to Securitization. Finally, we provide a link to Retake's post today that refutes the gas and oil industry association testimony yesterday extolling the benefits of fracking and information about an ABQ Green New Deal Town Hall with Rep. Deb Haaland.  Click here to continue reading. Continue reading

Roundhouse Update

Today's Roundhouse Roundup includes an Action Alert for tomorrow on SJR-1 Permanent Funds for Early Childhood. It was just announced minutes ago. We also include anupdate on last week and a look ahead. Momentum is clear: Network membership continues to grow and we are developing teams that are working to expand our impact with members in Santa Fe and throughout New Mexico. Today we bring you up to date on Roundhouse activity, reflect on how far we've come from 2016, offer a taste of the good things coming, and provide a link to an extraordinary video of one of the most inspiring speeches I've ever seen. Continue reading

Roundhouse Roundup Jan 21

The 2019 Roundhouse Session has begun and Retake Our Democracy's Rapid Response Network is in action. Today's Roundup includes an Action Alert: four MUST PASS bills will be heard Tue & Wed: Minimum Wage (Tuesday), and Popular Vote, Restoring Felon Voting Rights, and Auto Voter Registration (Wednesday); plus update on new bills being introduced and scheduled for hearing Thursday.  Click here to read the full Roundhouse Roundup. Continue reading

Launch of Our Roundhouse Roundup with Inside Roundhouse Scoop

The 2019 Roundhouse Session is about to begin and Retake Our Democracy has created a Rapid Response Network to help you advocate more effectively. This is our first Roundhouse Roundup, a Monday post that reviews the past week and previews the coming week. In today's Roundup we have some interesting scoops about developments in the Roundhouse.... Continue reading