2020 Priority Bills

We have identified the following bills as priorities for the 2020 Legislative Session. We are working to summarize and provide talking points for each bill as they are ruled germane and will make those available as they are completed. You'll find the link to the bill itself on the left, and a link to one-page bill summaries wherever the bill title is in red. Just click the link to get to the bill summary. The Current Status column identifies where a bill is in its journey through various committee hearings. We will try to update this daily.

If you're looking for info about the Fate of our 2019 Bills, go to this link.

Bill Text

Name and Talking Point (If highlighted in red, click to see talking points)

Current Status

HB 7 /SB 5

Extreme Risk Firearm Protection Act. Would allow a court to order removal of weapons it if determines that there is an imminent threat of violence.

SB 5 passed Senate Public Affairs Jan 28 & Senate Judiciary Feb. 5. Barely passed Senate Floor Feb 7, 22:20, with Sens. Sanchez, Martinez, Ramos, & Smith voting "no." SB 5 passed full House Feb. 13, 39:31. 
To the Governor.

HB 9   /SB 80

Community Solar Act. HB 9 is the community solar bill that will be considered in this session, and we feel it is the best of these three bills.

HB 9 Passed House Energy, Environment & Natural Resources on Feb 4. On Feb 11, House Appropriations & Finance "pulled" the bill from its agenda, and it died on the House Floor Feb. 13 by 18:26. To lose this badly, lots of Dems had to vote no. Look for our Report Card to find out who.

We don't support SB 80 but it's being heard Saturday, Feb. 15 in Senate Conservation. Retake has not sufficiently researched this bill, but it doesn't have much chance to move through this late in the session. 

HB 14 / SB 323

Opportunity Scholarship Act. HB 14 would provide scholarships for up to four years of college for recent NM high school graduates and up to two years for older, returning students. It establishes a scholarship fund and regular annual appropriations of $35M. The Opportunity Scholarship would cover all tuition and compulsory fees. The original version was removed from the House Budget forcing the administration to revise the bill, as described in our summary.

Passed House Education Committee Feb 11. Next to House Appropriations & Finance.

SB 323 passed Senate Education 5:2 on Feb 12.  Now to Senate Finance.

HB 25

Pregnant Worker Accommodation ActAmends the Human Rights Act to prohibit unlawful discrimination on grounds of pregnancy, childbirth, or related conditions.

HB 25 passed House Labor, Veterans and Military Affairs Jan. 28, passed House Judiciary unanimously on Jan. 31. Passed unanimously 65-0 on House Floor. Passed Senate Public Affairs Feb 11 and then passed Senate Judiciary. on the the Senate Floor..

HB 65

School Based Health Clinics and Funding Would provide $1 million to expand the number of school-based health clinics in NM. 

HB 65 passed House Health & Human Services 6:1 Jan. 27. It was tabled by request of the sponsor in House Appropriations & Finance on Feb. 6. Language has been revised and will be reheard, date TBD.  

HB 99 / HM 9

Renewable Energy Investment. HM 9 would direct the state to create a strategic plan for investing in renewable generation, storage and transmission while HB 99 would provide $50,000 to fund the planning process.

HB 99 passed House Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Jan 30. Next stop is  House Appropriations and Finance. HM 9 has been scheduled for House Floor since Feb 3, but has been not heard.   Sponsor told us it will be heard on the Floor Sat., Feb. 15.

HB 100

Health Insurance Exchange Changes. Sponsored by Reps. Deborah Armstrong and Micaela Lara Cadena,HB 100 specifies additional duties for the Health Insurance Exchange Board of Directors. It creates standardized gold, silver, and bronze health plans for purchase by individuals and small businesses. The bill would protect the NM Health Insurance Exchange in case the ACA is repealed or ruled unconstitutional. An important, if not exactly thrilling bill.

HB 100 passed House Health & Human Services and then House Judiciary Feb 5. Passed House floor on Feb 11.  Scheduled for Senate Public Affairs Fri., Feb 14 at 1:30 in Room 326.


Increase Working Families Tax Credit This would raise the Working Families Tax Credit to 30% for a family with children under age 6 and to 20% for all others.

Passed House Labor, Veterans & Military Affairs Feb. 4. Passed along party lines in House Tax & Revenue Feb 10. Scheduled for House Floor Fri., Feb 14, first on the agenda.

HB 160
/SB 115

Cannabis Regulation Act.  This bill would legalize recreational marijuana. 

SB 115 passed on party lines in Senate Public Affairs. Tabled by Senate Judiciary on Feb. 12. With one week left, it's unlikely to go anywhere 

HB 160 assigned to House Commerce & Economic Development but never heard.

HB 166

Healthy Soil FundingHB 166 calls for an increase of $300,000 in the New Mexico Department of Agriculture’s (NMDA) budget for the Healthy Soil Program.

HB 166 passed House Ag. & Water Resources Feb 6. Next up House Appropriations & Finance.

HB 173

Gas Taxes, New Funds, and Distributions would impose surtaxes on gasoline and special fuels and devote the proceeds equally to the state road fund, to a new clean infrastructure fund, and to a new gas surtax low-income rebate fund. It's being called "The Next Generation Transportation Act"! 

Passed in House Taxation & Revenue. Tabled by a vote of 14-1 in House Appropriations & Finance Feb 10.

HB 201

Energy Storage Tax System Tax Credit Changes. Summary coming. There are a significant number of excellent new energy bills being introduced and we will be developing summaries as quickly as possible.

HB 201 passed along party lines in House Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Feb. 1. Next up House Taxation & Revenue.

HB 217 / SB 2

Electric Vehicle Income Tax Credit. Provides a tax credit of $2500 when a tax payer purchases an electric vehicle. For individuals earning under $50,000 and families under $75,000 the credit is $5000.

SB 2 passed in  Senate Corporations & Transportation on Mon., Feb. 3. On Sunday, Feb 16 SB 2 passed Senate Finance and now heads to the Senate floor. Fingers crossed. 

HB 217 passed on party lines in House Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Feb. 1. Passed House Taxation & Revenue by an 8-4 vote. Passed the full House and is now stuck in Senate Finance.

HB 223

Agriculture and Natural Resources Trust ActSponsored by Rep. Nathan Small, SB 223 would allocate $150M to establish an agricultural trust that would annually fund an array of agricultural and natural resource restoration and protection initiatives. 

HB 223 was heard in House Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Feb. 11. In an unusual "non-action," the committee heard an hour presentation and comments, but didn't take a vote. It will be re-filed in 2021. 

HB 233

Energy Grid Modernization Road Map. (HB 233) directs the Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department to develop a strategic plan for energy grid modernization and to establish a competitive grant program to support implementation of eligible grid modernization projects. This is another one of the new energy bills that off NM so much promise. 

HB 233 passed House Energy, Environment &Natural Resources Feb 1. Passed unanimously in House Government, Elections & Indian Affairs Feb 10. Passed  House Floor 66-1. On to Senate Finance.

HB 248 / SB 234

Water Association Infrastructure Act. Sponsored by Rep. Susan Herrera, the bill has been summarized by one of our researchers and a one-pager will be ready Sunday.

HB 248 passed in House Water &  Agricultural Resources Feb 4. On to House Tax and Revenue, date TBD.

SB 234 was not deemed germane.

HB 313

Car Charging Station Tax CreditHB 313 would allow a taxpayer who installs and places in service a public motor vehicle charging station in calendar years 2020 and 2021 to apply for a credit of up to seventy-five percent of the cost of the motor vehicle charging station against the taxpayer's tax liability. The total amount of HB 313 credits to be issued by the state is $25 million.

HB 313 was assigned to House Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources but has not been heard as of Feb. 14.

HB 357

Limit NM Unit Fund Use. This bill is very important to our rural allies in southwest NM. The bill would prohibit funding for any further Gila River diversion efforts and redirect funds to other essential water projects in the state.  

First Committee Hearing slated for Feb 11 but postponed and still not heard by Feb. 14. We hear it may not be scheduled in 2020.


Permanent Funds for Early Childhood Education. Would increase by 1% the amount of Permanent Funds to be distributed with that 1% going to early childhood programs. 

HJR 1 passed House Commerce & Economic Development Jan. 24 by 7:3. Passed House Education. HJR 1 passed the House Floor along party lines on Feb. 13. Scheduled in Senate Rules Feb. 14, postponed to Feb. 15. AFter all committee members remained in the hearing until HJR1 was called, suddenly there was an exodus of legislators, Dems and GOP leaving the committee without a quorum.  

SB 1

Wholesale Prescription Drug Importation Act  Would allocate $350,000 to create the wholesale prescription drug importation fund for expenditure in fiscal year 2021 and subsequent fiscal years.

SB 1 passed Senate Public Affairs by a vote of 6:0. Passed Senate Finance Committee 10:1. Passed on the Senate Floor 35:9. Passed House Health & Human Services Feb. 7. and House State Government & Indian Affairs Feb 12. On House Floor as of Feb. 13

SB 4

Complete Count in 2020 Census . SB 4 would provide $8 million to the Department of Finance to fund contracts with counties to conduct outreach and census enrollment activities.

SB 4 passed through all Senate and House Committees and both Chamber floors. Not one vote in the negative in any committee or chamber. Awaiting Governor's signature

SB 24

Individual Development Account Act.  Sponsored by Senator Tallman,SB 24 will appropriate $1 million from the general fund to the Workforce Solutions Department for expenditure in fiscal year 2021 and subsequent fiscal years to carry out the provisions of the Individual Development Account Act.

  SB 24 passed Senate Public Affairs  Jan. 23, 5:1. Referred to Senate Finance but not heard as of Feb. 14.

SB 29


Solar Market Development Tax Credit.  Would provide tax credits for consumers installing solar power with low-income individuals receiving double the amount of the tax credit.

SB 29 passed Senate Corporations & Transportation on Jan. 27 by a vote of 6:2. Passed Senate Finance on Feb. 14 and the full Senate on Feb 15. It will be introduced in the House on Monday.

SB 33

Study Funding of Non-Game Species ConservationSB 33 would appropriate $200,000 from the General Fund to conduct a study on potential funding mechanisms for an authority expansion of the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish to include the conservation of nongame wildlife species, state-threatened and endangered species, and species with the greatest conservation need.

Passed Senate Conservation Committee Jan. 27.
Stuck in Senate Finance.

SB 57

Pet Food Fee For Neutering and Sheltering would help solve New Mexico’s dog and cat overpopulation crisis by offering low-cost, affordable access to spay/neuter services

SB 57 passed Senate Public Affairs Committee on Jan. 31. 
Passe Senate Finance on Feb. 14, passed Senate on Feb 15 27-14. On to House.

SB 75

Wildlife Trafficking would make animal trafficking of animals in danger of extinction a crime and would impose penalties for specific acts related to animal trafficking.

SB 75 passed Senate Conservation Committee and Senate Judiciary. Passed Full Senate by 22:9. 
On to the House Judiciary.

SB 95

Radioactive Waste Consultation Task ForceSenate Bill 95 amends the Radioactive and Hazardous Materials Act to expand the task force’s scope to include review of federal license applications for privately operated radioactive material disposal facilities in New Mexico and evaluation of the public safety, environmental, health, infrastructure, and transportation impacts and requirements of the proposed facilities. With LANL expansion and the Holtec application, this is an important bill. 

Passed Senate Conservation 5:4 on Feb. 6. On to Senate Judiciary, but not scheduled as of Feb. 14 .

SB 114

Community Energy Efficiency Development Grant.  This is another of the excellent new energy bills for which we will be advocating strongly. SB 114 would provide funding to counties to make energy efficiency measures available in low-income households. 

Passed Senate Conservation Feb. 4. On to Senate Finance, but not scheduled as of Feb. 14.

SB 134

Study Independent Redistricting Commission.  SB 134 would convene a redistricting task force to study and make recommendations on how to conduct the redistricting process following the 2020 Census. The task force would commence in late spring 2020 and make recommendations to the relevant interim legislative committee and the 2021 Legislature.

Passed Senate Rules Feb 7. On to Senate Finance, but not scheduled as of Feb. 14.

SB 182

Behavioral Health Integration Act. SB 182 creates a non-reverting fund to enable the Division of Behavioral Health Services within the Department of Health Services to develop a comprehensive community-based mental health system that will provide support services for adults diagnosed with serious mental illness and youth diagnosed with serious emotional disturbance. Funds will be used to provide targeted case management, transitional and long-term housing, and psychosocial rehabilitation and support services for the target population.

SB 182 passed Senate Public Affairs  Feb. 4, Senate Finance Feb 8, and full Senate 38:0 on Feb. 11. Scheduled in House Health & Human Services Feb 14, 8:30 a.m., Room 315.  

SM 9

All Payer Global Hospital Budget. An especially important bill for rural hospitals who are challenged by operating entirely on fee-for-service. The bill would allocate a minimum level of operating revenue from hospitals that would be reconciled after the end of the year. Very important bill. 

Scheduled in Senate Rules Feb. 14, postponed to Feb. 15, time and location not yet known.


Bills We Supported But That Have Been Deemed NOT Germane...At Least for Now.


HB 68

Patient Safe Staffing Act. This bill has been determined not to be germane, at least for now, it is dead.

Not Germane

HB 72

Immigrant Detention Facilities Act. This bill has been determined not to be germane, at least for now, it is dead.

Not Germane

HB 81

Lower Small Loan APR Rate.This would cap small loan rates at 36%. At least for now this bill has been determined to not be germane.

Not Germane

HB 82

Increase Minimum Wage.This bill would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, include cost of living increases and raise the hourly rate of all tipped employees, At least for now this bill has been determined to not be germane.

Not Germane

HB 108

Disclosure of Personal Information by State Agencies.This bill would prevent state agencies from disclosing sensitive, personal information to Federal agencies like ICE. At least for now this bill has been determined to not be germane.

Not Germane

HM 8

Redistricting Task Force.

House State Government, Election and Indian Affairs, date TBD. We are hearing from multiple sources that this bill is not going to be heard this session and so likely we will not do a bill summary..

SB 53

Post-Session Lobbying Reports.This bill would require lobbyists to file reports after each session delineating what bills they supported and how they spent funds in support of their advocacy. 

Not yet determined to be germane yet. Sitting in Senate Committees' Committee. 



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  • Paul Gibson
    commented 2020-02-10 12:41:11 -0700
    In response to Charmaine, sadly all that is being done is that the Governor is pressing to get the votes needed from Dems in the Senate, but to date, she has not been able to secure that level of support. The Governor has stated that should Roe v Wade be killed, she would call a special session to reconsider HB 51 and that would be solely devoted to decriminalizing abortion in NM.
  • Charmaine O'Rourke
    commented 2020-01-30 12:45:05 -0700
    What are we doing to protect a woman’s right to choose in light of the probable attack on it in the next couple of years. I seem to remember we were trying to get some old archaic abortion bill removed from New Mexico Law. This is of utmost importance.