Imagine if in 2020 we can create community solar, pass gun violence prevention, legalize recreational marijuana, expand funding for early childhood education, and create a solar tax credit. Join us and make it happen.

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2019 Legislative Report Card

The 2019 Legislative Report Card has just been published. It identifies what was done, what was not, and why. And it names those who heroically advanced justice in NM and those who impeded it. Click to continue reading.   Continue reading

Join us in Santa Fe & Taos; Interim Hearings Near You; Report Card Coming Next Week!

Organizing meetings in Santa Fe July 2, and Taos July 8. Interim Hearings this week and next in Las Cruces, Anton Chico, Albuquerque, Tucumcari, Cloudcroft, and Alcalde. Legislative Report Card coming next week! Continue reading

Reflections on 2019 Session & What We Do Next

While 2019 has certainly been more productive than the past 8-10 sessions; we've seen some very good bills pass and some very good bills die. We clearly have more to do. This post reflects on what happened and describes the next steps for Retake and hopefully for you. Continue reading


We report on the progress of our MUST PASS bills and also shed light on some of the most important bills among our bills. We also weigh in on SB 489, Energy Transfer Act. This bill will be heard on Saturday in Senate Conservation. Between now and then, I am hopeful that those supporting the bill can meet with those who have concerns, including the PRC and its Commissioners.  Continue reading

Roundhouse Roundup & Preview of Next Week

Things have heated up considerably. On Friday we had four MUST PASS bills being heard in four different 8 a.m. or 8:30 a.m. hearings followed by two afternoon hearings with two more of our MUST PASS bills being heard. And then on Saturday, we had another two hearings for MP bills. While all that was going on, interminable GOP-generated debate and childish filibuster tactics extended floor votes on gun violence prevention, abortion, minimum wage and other important bills. Things are getting testy between GOP and Dem leadership. But the big news of the week is the introduction of four energy bills: SB 489 Energy Transition Act (AKA securitization), SB 492 a competing (and far better) securitization bill; SB 374 Local Choice Energy; and SB 459 Hydraulic Fracturing Permits and Reporting, a four year pause on the issuance of fracking permits statewide.  Battle lines are being drawn.   Continue reading